plugin-adapter v1.0.0

A new version of the plugin-adapter has just been published via This version whitelisted a new JKU certificate download URL.


  • We decided to lift the version to 1.0.0 and mark its production readyness.
  • We recently added a new download server for the certificates ( Unfortunately we also already applied this change to some environments so that the JKU URLs in the token headers changed too. Since the adapter was not aware of the new URL some plug-in developers experienced a token verification error message. Apologies for that. This new version whitelists the new download URL. Plug-in developers are encouraged to update their adapter library to this version as the old download server will get unavailable eventually. We will announce this deprecation seperately in advance when the time has come.
  • As you might already know COYO became Haiilo. This will bring some exciting changes in the coming months. Expect some changes in naming. Also this will probably mean another certificate download URL which will be announced in advance along with another update of the adapter library.

The version is fully downwards compatible.