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Scrolling behavior for navigation with different content height

I am using the "observeHeight" function provided by the plugin adapter. And have noticed the following:

Given: I have a plugin whose content causes the COYO page to display a scrollbar.

Now, if I navigate between two pages within my plugin without scrolling on the COYO page, the COYO page scrolls down to the point where the top of the plugin is the top edge of the COYO page. Correct and expected behavior.

However, if I now scroll down a bit on the COYO page itself and navigate back and forth between the two pages, the top edge of the COYO page is suddenly somewhere in the middle of my plugin. However, it should also start at the top as if I hadn't scrolled at all.

My questions now are: is it the desired behavior? Or is it a known issue and is there a workaround?

Best Regards