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Performance Problems after switching - Hosting Provider

Hey guys,

I had a conversation with a client from us (WESPA). The wrote me that after a Hosting provider change from you the Application is very slow and the integrations also.
Do you know that problem?

Here is what he wrote:

The problem has existed since yesterday (1. june 2023). My colleague Andreas (Head of IT) said that Haiilo has changed to a different service provider (provider/host - no idea...) and thus has a different technical architecture behind it. Since then, we have also had problems with the system in the WESPA.
Let's see what Finanz Informatik still allows or can do (unfortunately he wasn't that optimistic - but that was in relation to the intranet itself and not the interface to the ideas lab...).

Is there any problems you know? Should we update our integration?

Thanks for letting me Know

David from Table of Visions (Innofy - Idea- and Innovation-Management)